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Hospital Hollowares

Our range caters to all specialties: Cardiovascular/Thoracic, Urological, Gynecological/Obstetrical, Orthopedic, Arthroscopic, ENT, Ophthalmic, Plastic Surgery, Dermal, Neurosurgical, Microsurgical and the list goes on.

Kidney Tray
Kidney Basin Shallow, Stainless Steel
Kidney Basin Shallow, Aluminium Anodised
Basin Solution Shallow
Solution Basin Shallow. 5a. Basin, Plastic
Solution Bowl (4 Ltrs.)
Solution Cup (180 ml)
Lotion Bowls
Sponge Bowls (600 ml and 1200 ml)
Bed Pan, s.s. 11a. Bed Pan (Plastic) 11b. Bed Pan, s.s. (Round)
Male & Female Urinal
13a. Spirit Lamp, Brass. 13b. Spirit Lamp, s.s.
Jar Dressing Utility (14a - 1 Ltrs and 14b - 2 Ltrs.)
Pinard Foetalscope Plastic / Aluminium, Autoclavable
Measuring Jug Graduated (500 ml and 1000 ml)
Instrument Tray Shallow (480 x 330 x 19 mm)
Tray Shallow (340 x 247 x 16 mm)
Syringe Case (Stainless Steel / Aluminum)
Aluminium Pot, 23 Ltrs. Capacity.
Spittun Mug with Lid
Needle Jar with Cover
Catheter Tray / Disinfector with Cover
Instrument Tray with Cover
Irrigator with Handle, Hanger, Rubber Tube, Holfman Clamp, Douche Set
(27a - Stainless Steel, 27b - Aluminum)
Bucket with Lid (Stainless Steel)
Instrument Box with Locking System (Stainless Steel)
Instrument Box with Cover (Stainless Steel)
Sterilizer Dressing Drum Cylindrical (Stainless Steel)
Instrument Sterilizer Electric (Stainless Steel)
Aluminium Pot, 23 Ltrs. Capacity