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Our range caters to all specialties: Cardiovascular/Thoracic, Urological, Gynecological/Obstetrical, Orthopedic, Arthroscopic, ENT, Ophthalmic, Plastic Surgery, Dermal, Neurosurgical, Microsurgical and the list goes on.

  Items of Microscopes Products
Universal Microscope, Stereoscopic (Model no. KRSM – 4)
Universal Microscope, Trinocular Stereo Zoom (Model no. KRSM – 9)
Biological Microscope, Monocular Laboratory (Model no. KRM – 600)
Biological Microscope, Binocular Laboratory (Model no. KRM – 600B)
Pathological Microscope (Model no. KRMH – 4)
Pathological Microscope (Model no. KRMH – 4B)
Metallurgical Microscope (Model no. KRMM – 7T)
Pathological Inclined Tube Binocular Microscope (Model no. KRXL – 4B)
Metallurgical Microscope (Model no. KRMM – 8T)
Overhead Projectors (Model no. KRP – 22)
Overhead Projectors (Model no. KRP – 25)
Profile Projector (Model no. KRPP – 3000)
Profile Projector (Model no. KRPP – 33)
Profile Projector (Model no. KRPP – 44)
Senior Dissecting Microscope
School Microscope
Bench Magnifier
Shop Microscope